Friday, 5 June 2015

Chestnuts - Newly Tested Food

By CK Yao (Dietitian, PhD Candidate)

Chestnuts are a popular treat during the fall & cooler seasons around the world. They are commonly eaten steamed or roasted and can be included as a snack during Winter or incorporated into a baked dish or meal. The flesh provides a sweet and nutty flavour.

Chestnuts have been on our frequently asked food list for a while now. One serve of chestnuts (20 per sitting) is low in FODMAPs and should be tolerated by most individuals. However, excess consumption of chestnuts, 25 chestnuts or more, has a moderate FODMAP rating (from oligosaccharides – GOS) and should be limited. 

- 1 serve (20 cooked chestnuts; 84g)
- ½ serve (10 cooked chestnuts; 42g)



  1. Hello, I'm interested to know what tests you do to test food/drink re fodmap. Also, do you have a list of products you are currently testing?

    1. Hi Suzie,

      We perform a series of tests within our lab to determine the FODMAP content of food, these testing methods of which are already published in research journals so it available for viewing. Unfortunately we cannot release the list of foods we are currently testing however they will be in the next update expected in 1-2 months of our Low FODMAP Diet App, which is available for iPhones and Android phones.
      Kindly, Phip

  2. Any chance of a weight measurement? I'd love to make chestnut flour cookies.

    1. Hi lowfodmapheaven,
      Good point - I have amended this blog to include the weights.
      - 1 serve (20 cooked chestnuts; 84g)
      - ½ serve (10 cooked chestnuts; 42g)

      Kindly, Emily
      The Monash low FODMAP team

  3. The weight measurements you have provided for cooked chestnuts are very useful to clear the idea of how much weight we are going to intake at a time. And this can be accepted by each and every individual.