Thursday, 8 January 2015

Food InFocus discuss Monash University's research into FODMAPs



  1. What is the test to confirm or eliminate celiac disease? Here in America they force you to have a scope, I couldn't do mine until I had healed up from eating gluten because I was very sick, they told me it wouldn't show up unless I started eating it again and I refused the test results showed the villi had healed so no DX. I heard the blood test was the same, eat gluten get tested. I hate to risk my health if I do indeed have it, is there a better test for autoantibodies today?

    1. The diagnosis of coeliac disease requires gastroscopy with biopsies of the small intestine while you are consuming gluten-containing foods.
      While the various blood tests provide some valuable information, these alone are not considered the 'gold standard' for the positive diagnosis of coeliac disease.